Watertight Sleeping Bag Compression Sack

I know there are expensive and fancy compression sacks out there specifically designed to act as a waterproof pack for your sleeping bag- but this trick is just as effective and likely won’t cost you a dime. In this demonstration I use a regular compression sack (Outdoor Research), my Mountain Equipment Co-op Merlin -3 down sleeping bag, and a regular ol’ garbage bag.

Most folks intuitively pack their bedding and clothing in garbage bags to keep it all dry, but it doesn’t take long for the unprotected garbage bags to suffer enough perforations to be as watertight as a colander. To prevent this from happening, just line your regular sleeping bag stuff sack with the garbage bag, and then stuff your sleeping bag inside. With the mouth of the garbage bag in your hand, you can use your body weight to evacuate most of the air out of your sleeping bag, and with a few twists and a tuck, voila, you have a compressed sleeping bag, with a watertight barrier around it. Finally, just cinch down your compression sack highly around the garbage bag, so it will act as a first layer of defence from pointy or sharp objects ensuring your garbage bag stays intact.

Thats it. Simple.

The Ingredients: Down sleeping bag, compression sac, garbage bag.

Image 1. The Ingredients: Down sleeping bag, compression sac, garbage bag.


Image 2. Line the compression sac with the garbage bag.


Image 3. Stuff sleeping bag into garbage bag (which is lining the inside of the stuff/compression sack).


Image 4. Evacuate all the air out of the sack with your body weight while holding the throat of the garbage bag.


Image 5. Twist the bag tightly to deny any air trying to get back into your compressed bag.


Image 6. Tuck twisted ‘tail’ of garbage bag down the inside of the stuff/sack to keep it sealed tightly.


Image 7. Cinch down compression sack, and voila, a watertight and well packed sleeping bag!

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