Keji Adventure Photos

Kejimkujik is an amazing place for fly fishing. Have you ever tasted a trout so delicious?

Wet a line at the powerful Mill Falls, or just enjoy the roar of the water.

With so many waterways and trails throughout the park, Keji is full of wooden bridges. This floating bridge is an iconic site at Jake’s Landing.

Our little Wire Hair Pointing Griffon, June 2013.

Hell or high water, this man was going on his canoe trip!

An island sun set: so beautiful, but really not an uncommon backcountry sight.

An early morning paddle, completely silent, and the day’s first rays warming you.

Ritchie Island and another beautiful sunset. This site once belonged to Judge Ritchie and is unique that it still sports a ‘lawn’ for summertime fun.

Is there a better view? Kejimkujik is a paddlers paradise, full of little nooks to hide away in.

Slapfoot beach… do you know the legend of Slapfoot? Come to Keji and find out!

Family camping is an experience that will stay with you forever. Create some magic. Come to Keji!

Another perfect afternoon in the wilderness.

Hand crafted canoe paddles can really add the magic to your strokes.

An unseasonably rainy day, but there’s no such thing as bad weather… only a bad outfit! Canoeists are always the hardiest.

New boats with new numbering. How many canoes do you think we have here at Jake’s Landing?

Early morning is the best time of day to spot wildlife. Have you ever been on a sunrise paddle?

Peter Point’s white sand is enticing to pull up to. How about a cooling dip on a hot July day?

It’s never too early to get in a boat!

The Mersey River is an ancient Mi’kmaq travel route. How about a river-run from the Pine Bridge back down to Jake’s Landing?

Cool air and warm sunshine make a perfect day for an early spring kayak trip down the Mersey River.

Many of Kejimkujik’s fish are more active in the evenings. Bring a rod, rent a boat and make some memories.

An exciting day for a huge school group. When’s the last time you were in the wilderness stretching your sense of adventure?


A timeless campfire treasure. How do you roast your marshmallow? Toasted lightly, or dark brown and bubbly? Do you eat it crusty layer by crusty layer, or pop the whole treat in your mouth?