BC to NS via Utah!

Mule Canyon Ruins (2)

Anasazi ruins in Mule Canyon.

One flat tire, 9000km to the odometer, and a few cactus spikes later we’re back on the East Coast! Our two-week adventure really flew by; the United States seems to have an unlimited adventure potential. It was neat to see the seasons change as we drove down from BC through Montana and Idaho to Utah, and then see them shift backwards as we shot across to the Maritimes.

 American National Parks aren’t as dog-friendly as we would have preferred, so we kept our sights on National Monuments, National Recreation Areas and National Forests. As far as camping went, Utah took the cake allowing anyone to camp virtually anywhere within the Bureau of Land Management wilderness, so long as they’re far enough off the roadway. Each night we’d pull off on a dirt road and find the most amazing places to camp. Some nights were a little more exciting than others, with strange cars creeping around us near Kanab, UT, and one of them firing a gun. 

where do you take your truck

Camp anywhere, so long as you’re far enough from the roadway

We went with a few vague objectives, but this was really an unplanned road trip. The town of Escalante was a great staging area for us. The business community in this small town has worked hard to create an atmosphere for staging your adventure. Even the staff at the local grocery stores were incredibly helpful and welcoming. If you’re in the area, Escalante is not to be missed. It’s the best spot to access the limitless hiking via the Hole in the Rock road.

We were total greenhorns when it came to slot canyon hiking. We were warned it only took half a centimeter of rain to turn the slots into death traps. Without really knowing the personality of the local weather we would high-tail it at the first sign of rain. In retrospect we may have been too cautious but, we were still able to have many amazing adventures.

Our first taste of slot canyons in Buckskin Gulch.

Two of our hikes, through Mule Canyon and Calf Creek were based on finding indigenous pictographs, petroglyphs and dwellings. The Calf Creek pictographs were entirely creepy, being huge red paintings of horned beings which almost seemed otherworldly.

We had heard rumors that Moab was the spot to be so we turned north and found ourselves in an adventure town overrun with hikers, bikers, paddlers, climbers and tourists. We took the time to have a quick burger and shake at Milt’s Stop and Eat before we started ticking off the states eastward.

Colorado seemed to have an endless volume of craft beer and wanted to try them all, however Kejimkujik was calling. Kansas was next, but the skies seemed strange… Before we knew it the states were peeling away, and we were on the east coast again.

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Karlene, Cody and Gulliver